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The Birth of Naaco

Well, here we are, two days before we open, and let me say, it’s crazy. A few screaming matches, a few tears, a few sleepless nights, flying plastic on The Deerfoot, vegetables trays for dinner, leaks, squeaks, broken locks, broken valves, broken speedometers, missing fire extinguishers, overflowing water tanks, dealing more »

Naaco’s Gestation Period

After securing funding Aman and I were a bit lost. We knew we had to find food, and merchandise, and equipment, and OH YEAH, a truck and a kitchen! Not to mention, as we went along, the list grew to: a commissary space, a parking spot, a place to dump more »

The Conception of Naaco

Sometime along the way, Aman and I started to think of The Naaco Truck as our baby. We joke about it, but honestly, that is truly what it has become. We worry, we stress, sometimes we hate it (parents hate their kids sometimes – well I’m pretty sure), a little more »