Naaco’s Monthly Cause

June 2012

The Naaco Team knows it is really important to give back to the community that has made their business possible. That’s why, every month, we pick a local charity or cause that we support and ask our munchers to support it with us.

For every dollar a customer donates, they will receive a slip to enter a weekly draw to win a free combo! And, don’t worry, if your slip isn’t drawn, you still have the rest of the month to win.



Faces of Naaco

Faces of Naaco

The Naaco Team wants to engage the community in everything they do. What better way then to take silly pictures of the munchers that donate to our monthly cause? When we hand over the cheque at months end, we want the organization(s) to see the diversity of people that have contributed. Our customers are part of the solution. Young, old, wealthy, or just enough – a dollar can and does go a long way. All other fees associated with donations are trucked by The Naaco Team and our customers Naaco love donation is given in full.


Naaco Cuts Carbon

Naaco Cuts Carbon




of the
Naaco Team

The Naaco Truck is a mobile eatery, and it uses lots of fuel to drive around all day. We want to offset our carbon footprint in the most direct way we know how – by planting trees! So, for every 1000 Naaco munchers we serve, we will plant a tree, and at the end of the year, The Naaco Team will match it.





Friends of Naaco

The amazing people behind each of these logos play an integral role to Naaco’s continued success. Of course there are countless other names, so Naaco thanks them too (you know who you are)! For more information, click here

Ace SEO Consulting Apollo Manufacturing
Ace SEO Consulting Web Design Apollo Manufacturing Custom Mobile Kitchen The Beehive Honey Bowden Farm Chicken
Byblos Bakery Enterprise Paper Grainworks Oraganic Beans
Byblos Bakery Naan Enterprise Paper Eco-Friendly Packaging Grainworks Oraganic Beans, Bulk, Flours & Grains Greenmunch Eco-Friendly Products
Greens Eggs and Ham Hoven Farms iLevel Communication ISIS POS
Greens Eggs and Ham Produce Hoven Farms Beef iLevel Communication 3M Vehicle Wrap ISIS POS Point of Sale System
J&D’s Foods Jennifer Chung Design & Illustration JukeBox Print Kingsland Farmers
J&D’s Foods Natural Bacon Salt Jennifer Chung Design & Illustration Graphic Design JukeBox Print Print Media Kingsland Farmers Market Produce
LEAF The Naked Leaf ProH20 Spice Sanctuary
LEAF Eco-Friendly Certification The Naked Leaf Loose Leaf Tea ProH20 Water Spice Sanctuary Certified Organic Spices
Spragg Meat Shop Springbank Cheese Company Tina & Coco Photography YYC Food Trucks
Spragg Meat Shop Pork Springbank Cheese Company Cheese Tina & Coco Photography Photos YYC Food Trucks Promotions