2016 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali Truck

The Fully refreshed GMC Sierra Denali trucks are a masterpiece of design and comfort. The Sierra name came to the USA in 1999, but do not be fooled, since GM has had trucks for sale since 1930’s. This masterpiece goes head to head with its competitors in terms of sales. GM came on board with this model to change its looks from its predecessors in terms of the design and the technology features. Let’s take a look at an in depth overview of the new features that are packed in this model.


The front end of all new Sierra Denali has an updated look. It comes fitted with the LED daytime running lights, LED turn signals and LED low and high beams. These lights give the trucks premium look, extending its design to a luxury vehicle.


The signature look for GMC trucks is the look of the grill. In the 2016 Denali, the chrome grill is unique to this model. You will not mistake the Sierra from any other truck from GMC, thanks to their distinctive looks.


The Sierra comes loaded with twenty inch polished wheels which are standard issue. If you want an extra flair to the vehicle, you can add a custom polish at an approximate cost of $300. These custom polish has enabled different distributors to increase their sales because of its demand. To add o the list of options available, sales of the 22 inch chrome wheels have been on the rise, which is attributed by the distinct look it gives the truck.

Side profile 

The Sierra has a 5 ft 8 inch long shoulder bed. You can take a pick from different cab configurations and bed lengths as expected in a truck like the Sierra. These are two choices available, a regular extended cab or full crew cab. The crew cab offers two bed options, a 5 ft 8 inch bed version and a 6 A ft long version, in case you need more space around the back. Below the bed rails, there are LED lights for those who would like to load stuff in the truck at night.

Rear view of truck

The sierra has a unique look punctuated by its straight LED tail lights. The truck also has corner bumper integrated steps that are standard on this version, making getting to the bed a lot easier. The trucks also have what the GM calls spring load assisted lift gate. If you open the lift gate, it does not slam on you, making the opening a more graceful process.

Interior design

The Sierra has a power deploying running board that is highly useful when boarding the truck. It has a premium cabin environment that provides comfort for the passengers with its wide space. It is also fitted with leather seats that have both heating and cooling functionalities.


Under the hood of this great machine, is 6.2 liter echo tech direct injection engine. The engine pumps up 420 hp and 450 pounds of torque. The vehicle comes with an 8 speed automatic transmission.

Interior Tech Accessories

It has an 8 inch intel link that has been updated for 2016 with apple car play and android auto. It also has text message capability for reading out your messages, while you can also apply. This amazing truck has a 4G LTE rolling hot spot where you can connect up to 6 devices.

Special features

It has an active lane keeping assist which comes in handy when you steer off the lane, allowing the truck to steer back to the lane. The truck also has forward collision alert which is a passive system which means that it will not actually hit the brakes but it will pre-charge them.

Fuel economy

The vehicle has cylinder activation which runs on a 4 cylinder. Under light loads there is an indicator that indicates when you are in v4 mode or v8 mode, as it shuts down half the cylinder. One can average about 14 miles per gallon when cruising around the city. This is a very good adjustment as the truck is averaged generally at 15 miller per gallon. On the highway, you can average at approximately 20 miles per gallon.

General Overview

The 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali stretches between 229 inches and 240 inches long. This trucks are mostly suited for people who live in less populated areas because maneuvering such a large vehicle in a highly populated area can be a challenge. The sales of the truck has been on the rise across the United States for 2 years, this is due to the comfort power and accessories of this new model. These trucks weigh approximately 5800 pounds, they can tow 11700 pounds and can carry about 2500 pounds on the bed. You will easily find these trucks for sales in different showrooms across the country.