Naaco’s Gestation Period

After securing funding Aman and I were a bit lost. We knew we had to find food, and merchandise, and equipment, and OH YEAH, a truck and a kitchen! Not to mention, as we went along, the list grew to: a commissary space, a parking spot, a place to dump grey water, a place to store dry goods, a POS system, and someone to do the vinyl wrap (luckily, at this point, we already had the greatest graphic designer on our team)! Were we in over our heads? Probably.

On  top of all this, we were striving to make The Naaco Truck as environmentally friendly as possible. This being something both of us were enthusiastic and passionate about, we definitely found that it made our jobs as entrepreneurs more difficult. We needed to find the most energy efficient appliances we could, we sourced almost all of our food locally and organically, and we had to find compostable or recyclable merchandise. While this wasn’t the easiest, it was more difficult to find ways to go the extra mile, but we have, so there’s tree planting, non-profit supporting, and herb growing on the top of our truck!

In the meantime, we managed to find the greatest team to surround us, and a never-ending list of people that have helped “the pregnancy” along. Without our parents, our friends and family, our suppliers, and everyone else that have offered advice, a helping hand, or just well wishes, we would not be where we are today, which is…well, right on the verge of giving birth to a big orange and purple truck, with delicious eats and the best food truck experience anyone will have in Calgary!

- Stephanie “Snout” Shields