Imagine this: A hot, humid day in India. Miss Naan was dehydrated and sweating. Mr. Taco was new in town, looking for friends, looking for love. As the sun set, they ended up in the same rickshaw where with one look, they promptly fell madly in love and gave birth to the most irresistible child you will ever put in your mouth (not that we condone eating children, but ours you should!) – A Naaco.

The best mode of delivery – the taco – and the best flatbread – the naan – have combined to make a delicious naaco, filled with sexy ingredients to give Calgarians a fresh, curbside perspective on Indian cuisine.


Neo-retro is your grandma in a bikini, and your grandpa with a tan-line slightly above his knees.

We love traditional Indian and East African food, but knew it would be great if we could put our own spin on it, because, well, change is good. No where else can you find Indian cuisine that is not only influenced by history and culture, but also by the great local product  that Calgary has to offer. We have used all of these inspirations to create our version of fantastic, approachable food – rooted in tradition but grown with a modern touch.



The Naaco Truck supports organic, local and/or sustainable operations wherever possible. We want to get our products from establishments in and around Calgary because, why not? Naaco is, after all, a Calgary-born truck! All of our meat is from local farms and has been raised with no hormones, no antibiotics, has been fed only the best, and lived happy lives, much like your own pets. Our produce is local and organic, and grown by some of the best green thumbs Alberta has to offer. For more information, click here.

The majority of the merchandise Naaco uses is made from eco-friendly products. We have tried our best to make the truck as energy efficient as possible. We understand that driving a truck around isn’t the best for the environment, so we have come up with a way to help offset our carbon footprint through Naaco Cuts Carbon. Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact with everything we do, right down to what we clean with.

Naaco’s Monthly Cause initiative gives customers the opportunity to donate a dollar to charity for a chance to win a free combo at the end of every week. Naaco’s team chooses a well-deserving organization that mirrors it’s own philosophy – everything from environmental to giving kids a healthy meal at school. We hope to be leaders in the community and work hard to make our city and our world a better place – one Face of Naaco at a time.

Naaco’s VisioN

Our vision of making Naaco a socially-responsible establishment from the beginning has been realized to it’s full potential by becoming the first LEAF certified food truck in Canada.



Aman “el Capitano” AdatiaAman “el Capitano” AdatiaChief Naaco Maker & Co-FounderStephanie “SNOUT” ShieldsStephanie “SNOUT” ShieldsRight-Hand Woman & Co-Founder
Nazma “Mom” AdatiaNazma “Mom” AdatiaNaaco Ambassador
Meghan “Moogs” KeelanNaaco Ambassador
Chelsea “Yorky T” ShieldsChelsea “Yorky T” ShieldsNaaco Ambassador