The Birth of Naaco

Well, here we are, two days before we open, and let me say, it’s crazy. A few screaming matches, a few tears, a few sleepless nights, flying plastic on The Deerfoot, vegetables trays for dinner, leaks, squeaks, broken locks, broken valves, broken speedometers, missing fire extinguishers, overflowing water tanks, dealing with Mr. Hollywood himself (Aman), never even making a Naaco, and undelivered product..well…let’s just say leads to some tense moments.

Things have been crazy, and in all honesty, I can’t wait until The Naaco Truck opens and we can stop planning and start DOING. While Aman could literally talk about the truck but never have it open, I am the opposite, I am definitely getting stir crazy, and very definitely getting poor.

I keep asking myself, “would I ever do this again?” And…while the verdict isn’t out quite yet, in the moment I’d say no way! Absolutely no way! Aman, well, he absolutely would. So, I think that is what makes us the perfect team.

But, here we are chugging along ad still in love! We are literally flying by the seat of our pants, but we are having fun, and we have the best people working with us to make this happen.

- Stephanie “Snout” Shields